FA is open 24/7

After a long struggle, FA opens again 24/7. Another victory of the students!

The Students' Association, in the last 2 years, struggled along with the students for the right of studying during the night at the Faculty of Architecture. After a long negociation, FA opens again 24/7 throughout the year. 

Since the decision made by the executive commitee of the faculty of closing the school between 00 and 08am, more than two years ago, AEFA started a long journey to revoge this decision. The finantial reasons used to justify this mesure were never sufficient to explain the lost of the privilege of being at the school when it feels right. Even if we consider that the country is going through a crisis, and that Higher Education Institutions are suffering from that fact, it isn't today, as it wasn't back then, admissible to make the students' working and studying conditions worse. 

Having said this, AEFA cheers the decision of oppening tha Faculty during the nigh, 24 hour a day, seven days a week. We can say today: Better lait than never!

The students win another battle!