Welcoming message

Welcoming message to the new students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon

Dear colleague:

Entering University of Lisbon is something that will be very important to your life. Entering in a new world, full of adventures and discoveries, is something that will make you grow or, at least, face life and the world from a different perspective. So, before everything else, the magic words: Welcome aboard!

I want to congratulate you for several reasons:

Firstly for investing in your education. Learning is never too much and higher education is the right path to do so.

You have entered the biggest school of Architecture, Urbanism and Design of the country, an institution that aspires to be one of the best in Europe and the world. The Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon is a plural and cosmopolitain school which has already rootes all over the planet. It's your job to make the best out of every second you are here because, as the people say, time flies.

"Good life" has ended! If you want to be successful, don't forget you must work around the clock to achieve your goals! If now your proud to say you went to bed really late, in a short period of time you will be glad to say you are going to sleep after dinner. Coffee will be your best friend, after the dog. You can tell your parents that their schedules must quickly start to disappear. How dull being independent is!

You will work day and night to finish projects and you won't allways be glad with the result. But while working counterclock there is no other recepy.

Frustration will be there many times but, in the end, few students have as fun as we do. If you share this joy you are in the right place!

Now is time to start working and gamble your future! The Students' Association (AEFA) will allways be next to you to help you build a good tomorrow.

Welcome to the best year of your life!


Pedro Roque Domingues,

President of AEFA (Faculty of Architecture's Students' Association)


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