Membership Advantages

Why do you must be an associated member of AEFA-UL? Find out immediately!

Being an associated member of AEFA-UL gives you many benefits.

For only 10€ year you could be an associated member of the Student Union and benefits from a large number of discounts and other advantages.

AEFA-UL is constantly looking for new partnerships, protocols and agreements that are in interest to students of FA-UL, checks what agreements are already in place.

Major discounts:

Until 15% Discount in Lerarte Livraria (Bookstore)

10% Discount in Reprografia Tal Imagem (Printing Store)

10% Discount in Papelaria Marciano (Art Store)

30% Discount in Loja Informática Mustabsolut (Computer Store)

Menu "Sócio"  3,75€ in Bar Universo Agora (Restaurant)

BPI ATM card at no cost.


University Sport at no cost in any team from AEFA-UL.

Discounts on events and activities of AEFA-UL

Discounts on all products sold at the headquarters of AEFA-UL (AEFA-UL products and products from Copitraje)


Besides these advantages, the associated member rate includes a Kit that contains a A5 pad, one A3 Briefcase, a T-Shirt AEFA-UL, an AEFA Pen, a Wallet, a Scale Ruler, a Moche SIM Card, amongst other things.


Currently is being negotiated with other company's more agreements to increase the benefits to the associated members.