Online Associated Members Access

AEFA-UL made available to all its associated members a new online tool that allows access to a wide range of services.

For now on you can sign up in sports, submit the necessary documents, without having to move to AEFA-UL headquarters.

You can also pre-sign up in training courses provided by AEFA-UL, you could chose what is the most convenient schedule.

Later it will be even allowed students to orders online products from AEFA-UL, such as PINs, RIBBONS, Pads, Pens, T-Shirts etc. And you only need to pay in our headquarters when the order is ready to pickup.

Under development is also an accommodation portal to streamline the process of advertisements offering home and/or rooms.

If you are an associated member of AEFA-UL dont waste any more time and use this fantastic tool. SOCIOS.AEFA.PT (for now its only available in Portuguese)