Further Education AEFA

Would you like to supplement your academic education with a technical/digital component?

Training Courses from AEFA-UL are open.

This is a way to extend your skills and knowledge in less explored areas.

This way if you are already a Associated Member of AEFA-UL, simply signing up online in Plataforma de Sócios.

If you are not yet a member you can go to AEFA-UL headquarters and proceed to your subscription.

The Associated Members of AEFA-UL benefit from special conditions in affordable prices which can be found below.

Training Courses are dependent on a minimum number of entries to be open.

At the time of your registration it will be possible to inform your time availability to better plan the dates and times of courses.

You can also see the programs of individual courses by clicking on the name of the course / workshop or through the Document Manager in the Training Section. (Portuguese only for now)

Training Courses




Google Sketchup Pro

Real Estate Assessment Course