University Sport Registration

Learn how to perform your registration in University Sports.

To sign up in University Sports you need to be AEFA-UL associated member, membership rate gives you access to all teams.

If you're already a associated member you can proceed to your application as explained in this article, if you're not, go to the headquarters of AEFA-UL and become a member.

Sign up is made in Plataforma de Sócios (Online Access for Associated Member of AEFA-UL).

For now, that site is only available in Portuguese, so if you have problems understanding the application process please feel free to sign up directly in AEFA-UL headquarters.

If you could understand a little bit of Portuguese please folow these steps.

Access with the given credentials and find a section dedicated to university sports. Chose one or more sports that you like to do and validates application.

After sign up AEFA-UL will verify all the data you submitted. You can check your application status periodically in the same place, if AEFA-UL detects any problem with it, it will inform you.

To be college athlete, you need to send us the following documents.


1 Copy of learning agreement  - SEND ONLINE IN THE GIVEN INTERNET PAGE

1 Personal color photo, with good quality - SEND ONLINE IN THE GIVEN INTERNET PAGE

1 "Exame Medico Desportivo" (A Paper from a MD that certify you are in condition to do Sport) - THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE THE ORIGINAL ONE AND NEEDS TO BE DELIVER AT AEFA-UL HEADQUARTERS*

*Probably you don't have this paper or its not valid in Portgual, so feel free to ask to or Sports Department more information how to get that.

If you have any other doubts, please contact the Sports Department.

We recommend you to read our documents that regulate sports, (for now that documents its only available in Portuguese.

Regulamento Desportivo